Wills & Trusts Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Trusts are a very important tool in an estate planner’s toolbox.  When drafted properly and understood, they offer clients and their advisors great flexibility in accomplishing the client’s needs. Some of the most common uses of trusts include tax planning, asset protection planning, special needs planning, charitable planning, spendthrift planning for beneficiaries, and even planning for pets. Another benefit of a properly structured and funded trust is to avoid probate and maintain the greatest level of privacy at the death. Contact our estate planning attorneys in Charlotte for help with your wills and trust issues, today!

Do I Need a Will and Trust Attorney in Charlotte?

We use trusts in both our crisis and long-term plans.  However, not everyone needs or would benefit from having a trust.   We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explain what type of trust may be appropriate and beneficial in your situation.

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